About Us

About Jenala Farms

Both Ken and Faye were born and raised in this area. Ken’s degree in crop science from the University of Guelph and Faye’s Brock University Business degree complement each other nicely for operating a farm market. Ken has worked in different agricultural industries and been involved in farming all his life.

We purchased our farm in 1997. After living in town for a few years we had the “itch” to raise our family in the country and we really wanted more space. Looking for ways to maximize productivity from a small land base led us to explore fruit and vegetable farming. The Orangeville/Shelburne areas lacked any significant fresh produce farms and our farm’s central location with sandy-loam soil made these crop’s seem like a natural fit. A healthy farm pond also provides much needed water to our strawberries for both frost protection and watering purposes.

Our first strawberries were marketed in 2000 with the following years bringing sweet corn, potatoes, pumpkins, raspberries and asparagus.

We now focus mainly on strawberries and strive to produce the best quality produce utilizing modern agricultural technologies and doing our best to minimize impact on the environment.